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Automatic spout welding and sealing machine for packaging bags


Suction nozzle for automatic welding and sealing of bags,Made into a spray bag。

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HC-500 高速全自动包装机

HC-500 High Speed Automatic Packaging Machine

High-speed intelligent automatic packaging for powder/granules/sauces/liquids in various small packets

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Automatic horizontal bag feeding packaging machine

It is suitable for bulk packaging and automatic packaging of weighing products

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High-speed automatic filling and welding nozzle all-in-one machine

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Stand up pouch filling capping machine

Avoid contact with bacterial contamination
Save the cost of nozzle welding

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Product Classification


01-High-speed automatic packaging machine

02-Automatic nozzle welding and sealing machine

03-Feed bag packing machine

04-Lapel packing machine

05-Vertical/multi-row packing machine

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Guangdong Hongchuan Huanyu Technology Co., Ltd
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    Guangdong Hongchuan Huanyu Technology Co., Ltd、Guangdong Hongchuan Huanyu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the scientific research of intelligent automatic packaging equipment、exploitation、fabricate、Sales of national high-tech enterprises,We are committed to building an Industry 4.0 intelligent ecosystem and overall automation solutions integrating system integration + intelligent equipment manufacturing + software development。The building area of the enterprise is 100,000 square meters。The intelligent packaging equipment produced by the company is at the top level at home and abroad,The main products are::Intelligent high-speed automatic packaging line、Intelligent automatic production line series products,Mainly used for food、pharmaceuticals、chemical industry、pesticide、cosmetics、hardware and other industries。
    The company has a number of invention patents with independent intellectual property rights,It has been certified as a high-tech product,The company's products sell well all over the country and all over the world。
     "The customer comes first,"Credibility first" is our business goal,"Superior quality,"Perfect service" is our business purpose。Our company has talents in the field of intelligent packaging equipment、resource、Internet、scale、The great advantage and impact of experience,Become a technology enterprise with a high degree of competitiveness and leading advantages。The company strives for survival by quality,Seek development by service,Always take the contract seriously、Keep promises for the purpose!Concentrate on making products,Attentive service,Keep exploring、Be enterprising,Create higher value for the majority of users with first-class products and services!

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